Project Divison

O2D Projects project and forwarding activity started out in the early 2012 by Viswam Narayanan with his few other friends who handled material to be shipped within India. During the early period, Mr. Viswam & Team wanted to raise the company to a higher level, pushing the limits ahead and starting the first international forwarding activities firstly in the South East Asia and then on a global basis.

The services offered by O2D Projects organisation include, among others the complete door-to-door transport of project cargo and international Freight Forwarding. Project logistics is a complex mix of different and multiple activities which put O2D Projects Group into a primarily and unique position. The activity of “project transport” mainly includes the delivery of material for the construction of complete power / petrochemical plants. During the construction of a plant, whether you are transporting by normal trailers, air transportation, ocean going vessels, carrying out container deliveries or large reactors, every single activity involving the movement of any single item has its relevant importance!! “No difference, same target: safe and professional performances, timing and competitive rates”.

O2D Projects group is present on a worldwide basis through its branches and established network of qualified agents.
O2D Projects coordinates and controls all the shipping / documentation stages:

– Issuing all documentation
– Transport planning for all modes of transport
– Continued Status reports on door to door deliveries through company’s traffic department and     project coordinator
– Worldwide Air (IATA member) and sea Charter services
– Custom clearing
– Insurance
– Storage and Warehouse management
– Additional value added Services
– IT- support with customized solutions

– Coordination skill to find new solutions and being flexible in fitting with the continuous evolutions of a typical long period project.

– Group-owned equipment
– Technological Know how

O2D Projects is one of the few companies in the world that can offer at the same time, Heavy Lifting, Transportation and Project Logistics services. This combination enables O2D Projects to provide our clients with a unique “Total Supply Chain” concept that keeps coordination and responsibility in the hands of one company. One contact, less interfacing risks, reduced costs and better coordinated services!!!


O2D is committed to complying with all applicable and current laws, regulations, legislation, customer needs and any other requirements relating to QHSE aspects and impacts.


O2d Commits to adopting a proactive approach to continuously improve all areas of the company’s business, and with this commitment to continual improvement, use its management resources in all quality, health, safety and environment issues.


O2D is committed to demonstrating visible and active leadership that involves all employees and managing QHSE performance as lines of responsibility with clear authorities and accountability.


O2D is committed to meeting the needs and requirements of our clients while endeavoring to minimize adverse environmental aspects and prevent pollution.


O2D is committed to ensuring that all employees, associates, subcontractors and service providers understand the importance of safe working conditions. Everybody is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.



At O2D Communication is essential – between departments, fleets, countries and our clients.


Project Engineering

2D & 3D load planning, technical visualization

Structural analysis of vessel and cargo

Designing temporary Structures

Modifying vessel structures

Risk analusis



Well-structured approach

Coordinating resources and activities

Quality and time control

Project controlling


Optimising project logistics

Door-to-door concepts

Hydraulic lifting and sliding systems

Materials management